Phoebe Chung


Designed in Hong Kong

Phoebe Chung - She is a Hong Kong based young & talented designer, she is full-time working with her own brand Precise Collection.

A Gemini girl with various ideas. Looks at life in an unique way. Advocates independent and carefree way of living.Believes creativity is the source and unfailing supply of life.

Precise Collection is…An attitude of living;An ability of self-position; A persistence of molding unique images.

“Everything is vague to a degree you do not realize till you have tried to make it precise.” Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970)

PRECISION has been the belief we hold in esteem since Precise Collection is founded, it is our living attitude. In a world where famous brands flourish, people work hard to pour their earnings into these famous brands and encourage commercialism. Undeniably, some mass-market brands have good quality and design. Yet, when customers could understand their own uniqueness, they would realize that putting outfits on as the crowd does only leads to the loss of personal character and the focus of life. Thus, Precise Collection provides tailor-made products and accessories and handbag D.I.Y courses in order to bring diversified choices for customers.

Leather is selected as our major material because of its vitality, texture and color of a product can always varies with the chemistry between the leather and the user. Precise Collection’s elegant presentations are infused with youthful, characterful and playful elements, we aim to last the handicraft fervor in Hong Kong with our designs.

Italy Leather Card Holder Phoebe Chung
Vintage Clutch Bag Phoebe Chung
Goatskin Card Holder Phoebe Chung
Octopus Card Holder Phoebe Chung