Tamasii Jewellery


Designed in Hong Kong

Maron was graduated from Hong Kong City University. Due to self-interested in design,  she part-time completed Jewellery Design Diploma in Hong Kong Baptist University School of Continuing Education and participated merit award in large open jewellery competitions.

Contradicted personality of Maron: not being universal but shy; not talkative to others but herself; self-absorption but low self-confident and always thinking so much that bother herself. She loves to create and breakthrough existed frames. “Jewellery can be more than only a jewellery by giving more meanings to it” is her belief.

Tamasii Jewellery is established since 2014. Creative with high quality is our basic requirement. From design to polish, every step we pay all our effort on. We promise what customer recieve is the best we can make. “Tamasii” in Japanese means “soul”. Soul is immortal so as our passion on designing jewellery. After graduation, we work and work and work. Those laughter and tears made us grow. Even setbacks never distrot our design soul. By sparkling our life with full of love, We love to share our amazing design jewelleries with you.

Hope our pieces will become your treasure, a little piece of you and your life history.

Hugging Ring - Dog Tamasii Jewellery
Flying Wing 3 Feather Ring Tamasii Jewellery
Hugging Ring - Cat Tamasii Jewellery