Ciz Lo


Designed in Hong Kong

Ciz Lo, an ordinary girl without any design backgrounds, yet got her life goal about DIY from a video clip of making a friendship braided bracelet. She was inspired and addicted into braiding with different materials in different colours on her own accessories since that summer. Sometimes she collects used accessories from friends, and remakes them with braids. New lives to old stuff!

Bimstage = Bimsgirl’s Stage. Pursue a stage for her art pieces is always Ciz’s dream and goal. Having persistence and passions on her DIY works, she finally got the recognition and established her own brand Bimstage. Bimstage persists to make every piece with braided part in mixed colours and various materials. Under this basis, we develop designs in variety. Bimstage hopes to let you feel how colours bring you the joyful in style with mix and match. We hope our accessories can light up your every single outfit.

Bimstage always welcomes tailor made orders. We prepared a palette for you to pick your favourite colour for the braided part. Now you can enjoy your own colour, own style!