Kaliyah Li


Designed in Hong Kong

Kaliyah Li, an illustrator and a graphic designer, graduated from Hong Kong Design Institute in Visual Communication in 2012. She loves art and design. She also has a passion on making handicraft. After graduation, she established the brand “Adventurist”.

Kaliyah believes that a narrative design or an art piece can be a superb way to communicate and interact with people. That’s why making handcraft attracts her a lot. She loves collecting vintage stuffs and animal models. She is fond of reading illustration books and magazines. Watching French movies is her favorite as well. Those are all significant in giving her inspiration in making crafts.

In our busy life, we might easy to feel depress. And despite of the rapid development of technology and the materials you have possessed, sometimes you find neither of them could bring you happiness.

Adventurist aims at bringing the nature, especially the “Mori” style into your daily life. Each product contains different scene and represents different story. By looking at the crafts, you can temporary escape from the noisy modern world, feel relaxing and dreaming you are in a farmland, sitting under a tree, breathing fresh air, enjoying sunbathing. Even you can imagine a pair of young lovers taking a walk in the little garden,

Amongst all, hope you can find one you love from the Adventurist and take it home!

Glass Globe Farm Ring Kaliyah Li
Milk Cow Bracelet Kaliyah Li
The Eiffel Tower Necklace Kaliyah Li