Alice Perla


Designed in Hong Kong

Alice Perla, Inspired by her travels around the world and her deep connection with the culture of India, she hand crafts each of her designs with passion and precision. Her desire to travel and experience different languages and cultures first emerged during her undergraduate years as a linguistics student. During this time, she studied many different languages such as Hindi, Malay, Spanish, Tamil and Thai.  She developed an eagerness to travel after being exposed to so many different languages. Her travels led her to study in Canary Islands and Malaysia. However, Alice’s travels didn’t end there. After graduation, she traveled frequently around the world due to business trips. Of all the countries she traveled to, India had a special place in her heart. When she travels to India, she is overcome with a feeling of comfort and mystery that is unexplained. The country’s colors, culture, costumes, cuisine and of course, the accessories leave her in awe every time.

As a collector of unique ethnic accessories and handmade designs, Alice was constantly searching for distinctive and cultural jewelry pieces to add to her wardrobe.  After years of searching and a shortage of choices in the market, she decided to craft her own designs in 2009. A self-taught designer, she gained experience from trial & error and soon mastered the beading techniques.  Alice often wore her own designs, and people around her were interested to know where her jewelry came from. She started giving her handcrafted jewelry to friends as gifts and was surprised to see them wearing it all the time! It made Alice feel confident in her designs and armed with passion and skills. In 2012, Alice decided to step back from the corporate world for a while in order to chase her dreams of having her own jewelry designs. She founded AliciaPerla Handicrafts shortly after in 2012. 

Happy Festival Earrings Alice Perla
Mysterious Necklace Alice Perla
Forest Fairy Earrings Alice Perla
Peacock Inspired Earrings Alice Perla