Carmen & Reef


Designed in Hong Kong

Reef Chan, after graduating from high school, he went Australia to study, and obtain a graphic design diploma. He studied fashion design at CUHKSCS and graduated in 2011. Be in touch with leather craft during his study, he play his own creativity through the leather craft.

Carmen Chan, Graduated from University for the Creative Arts, United Kingdom with a BA in Fashion Design. Carmen Chan is a Hong Kong-born artist, yet greatly influenced by western culture. During her six years study in United Kingdom, she had worked for Zoe Bradley (paper sculpture artist) and Chris & Tibor (fashion accessory brand) which she found her interest to incorporate geometrical shapes into fashion design. She believes “Garments are practical and well-crafted and come in unconventional geometrical shapes.”

In 2011, Reef collaborated with Carmen and found the brand "NOTHINGLASTSFOREVER", which focusing on making fine crafted unique leather accessory. For what is worth, they craft all the leather pieces and accessories by hands along with their passion and obsession towards leathers. By treating leathers innovatively, mixing leathers with alternative material and penetrating leather design in a whole new angle, they had managed to push the edges of creativeness and publish a range of chic yet unique fashion pieces. Silhouettes of watches, bracelets, chains, wordings and even objects with irregular shapes are sculpted and embossed onto leathers manifest the distinguishingly flexible characteristics of leathers.

Leather Lion Head Card Holder Carmen & Reef
Feather Studded Bracelet Carmen & Reef
Leather Baseball Coins Bag Carmen & Reef
Leather Sun-glasses Necklace Carmen & Reef