Designed in Hong Kong

CAT, Akubi, Joyce, graduated in Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (CCBC) studying Fashion design. They have work into HK fashion industry as a merchandiser, designer, visional merchandiser & graphic designer.

At the end of 2010 they got a crazy idea wanted to share their fashion view, their hand made stuff to the others, so CaKuCJoRine is established. They work for their own style & mix with others, this make the brand full & unique as it crush five different styles together. It could be messy but also could be a character. Therefore they give the name to the brand called “CaKuCJoRine” it is picked the pronunciation of their name, it seem lazy but go for their concept “To be yourselves, Create freely & Mix”.

CaKuCJoRine is like a window or door to help them to come true their dream, their mind & their ideas. It make fashion not made for fashion, they sharing the idea and bring out their design for calling consonance. They believe design should be happen arbitrarily and do for capriciousness.

They make CaKuCJoRine likes a marketplace, focus on design and make accessories and clothes, would like to make special order for customer sometimes. They try to do everything and do try everything.