Designed in Hong Kong

To, Hong Kong based leather crafter, graduated from Hong Kong Design Institute(HKDI). He is a crafter who works out his ideas under a humor sense. Whenever his ideas come out, you can always see his practice parts of his products. He starts his leather crafter career as he found out that leather goods are highly practical and durable, and its plasticity allows him to inject "To style" characteristics.

Returns Leather was founded in 2011, it is a stitched leather goods brand which committed to produce fine handmade leather goods. Returns Leather works based on each handmade seam and it makes the structure stronger than leather goods that use sewing machines. He believes his products are firmer and more durable. In a result, his customers repeat purchase his products and that is what means exactly his brand name comes from “Returns Leather”.

To stands on the point of view base on his knowledge of being the leather crafter, his art works are multi-functional and practical, but he never forget to inject with some humor concepts and professional handcrafting skills.