Alice Chan


Designed in Hong Kong

Alice Chan is the brand administrators of DaGrits & Grit’s glitz. She has also designed jewelry for Grit’s glitz. Vintage style jewelry is her special love. To her, vintage=many stories weaved together which brings experience, dreams & hopes. While bling-bling jewelry is still the dominant style in Hong Kong, Alice wishes to bring in new dimensions to local fashion jewelry market.

Grit's glitz was given birth when designing products for her elder sister, DaGrits. Grit means small stone and glitz means the flashiness. Together, it is our brand philosophy that even small stone can be dazzled after polish. Metaphor for our lives, everyone can succeed with persistent determination and by acknowledging oneself incompetence and uniqueness. Grit’s glitz is a union of several designers who share the same philosophy. Grit's glitz' designs are eclectic. Wide range of quality materials will be used to foster design creativity. Cross-over projects will be held occasionally to bring new ideas to both designers & customers.

Her signature collection “In Love with Chainmaille” expresses her special love on chainmaille. Like many other invention, chainmaille was first invented and adopted in military for protecting the knights from being hurt by weapons. The history constituted its image as masculine and tough. Until recent years, more foreign artists have discovered that it can be applied to produce more feminine and delicate designs. Alice as a female who love vintage designs and chainmaille, she wish to incorporate wire-wrapping & beading to traditional manly chainmaille. Her designs are more of unisex or feminine. The “In Love with Chainmaille” collection is therefore wearable, and at the same time adds personal style to traditional chainmaille.

“Classy Chic” Earrings Alice Chan
“Modern Classic” Earrings Alice Chan
The Little Petit Five Ring Alice Chan