Renee Ko


Designed in Hong Kong

Renee Ko, graduated in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Major in Product Design. She has lots of passion on design market, and likes creative designs. Renee focuses on finishing her artwork by her own hands. She loves to use different materials to mix and match to build her unique stylish piece of works.

When she was young, she was a naughty girl that never stops playing around. Her stylish personality was built on her childhood. Her parents knew her well about her favour “ monster” dolls; the friends around her understood the reason she could create her own stream stylish piece. She loves what she loves to do and after working as a graphic designer for 3 threes of her first job, she founded her own brand and start chasing her dream to become a designer.

immren founded by designer Renee, she thinks that regular work and daily life set lots of boundaries to creativity. With a variety of styles, handmade accessories provide. Necklaces, rings and earrings contribute to the main lines of the collection. Products from immren are a platform to create beyond the border and bring freshness to life. By utilizing different materials, such as knit, plastic, leather or unique second-hand clothes, Renee brings new and distinctive accessories to born! 

Tide Bow Necklace - Green Renee Ko
Vintage Belt Renee Ko